Fugitive Firefly

Running away with the last bit of hope

You got me feeling like a child now

Everyone has something that they obsess over, something that takes a shameful priority in their life. For me, as embarrasing as it is to admit, mine is Hanson. Yes, the three siblings with long blonde hair who made several of my guy friends question their sexuality. They mmmbopped their way into the hearts of millions back in '97 and haven't left mine since.

They released another album after Middle of Nowhere, but it wasn't as successful. They disappeared soon afterwards, struggling with a record label that was more concerned about a fat paycheck than the creativity levels the brothers wanted to explore. For years I was deprived of fresh Hanson music. But just as death reached out a bony hand, they released a new CD. You can imagine the relief on my part, as well as on the ears that had to endure my complaints.

Now with their own label, 3CG, Hanson is creating the music they always wanted to. They've added several instruments and even allowed Zac to take lead vocals on a couple of tracks. One thing they kept, though, was their wonderful lyrics that had hooked me in the beginning. Now here's the exciting part. They're getting ready to kick off their tour and will be making a stop in Pittsburgh! This tour is unlike anything they've done before. As a way to raise awareness of the poverty-striken kids in Africa, Hanson will gather concert-goers for a mile walk . . . barefoot. They walk with and talk to their fans during this walk. Now picture a little girl who just found out she's going to mingle with celebrities. That's me only ten years older. And I don't even have a ticket yet! But when one does come into my possession I'm sure to make everyone within earshot either sick of Hanson or create another fanatic. The possibility of meeting one of the guys, talking to them, exchanging e-mails (hey! a girl can dream) has me on the brink of insanity. I'll leave you with some of my favorite lines by this awesome band and a quote referencing them.

You have so many relationships in this life, only one or two will last. You go through all the pain and strife and you turn your back and they're gone so fast.
- "Mmbop"

Sitting on the corner of nowhere road, just between I wish I could and I don't know.
- "Sure about it"

I find hope in your hate for me.
- "Great Divide"

"Jonas brothers are Hanson2008 with Disney behind them. How can you compete with that?"
-Aaron Lewis of Staind