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Wordless Wednesday- Off the beaten path


Friends of inspiration and motivation

A friend of mine had a rather productive three days where she put on a live show, wrote a song, finished writing a novel, and learned how to hypnotize a chicken. Her sister must have been equally busy for she just finished writing a symphony.

And this is pretty much what they do year round.

Performing in a band and managing their own website just isn't enough for these two for they always have another project (or three) on top of that. Although I have known them for a few years now, I still can't figure out how they do it. What I do know is that I admire them and all that they do. In times past, they've made me reevaluate my life and realize that I wasn't living up to my dreams.

I had done well to change that, or so I had thought. Learning of their recent accomplishments made me look back over my summer vacation.  In the last three months I did little GRE prep, gained three fanclub members of my store, and watched most of the World Cup and X Games. Being someone who is usually active, it shouldn't be a surprise that I'm disgusted with my summer. I've done absolutely nothing and I hate it. There's only four weeks left of break and the lazy days must end now. Thanks girls for giving me a much needed kick in the pants...again!