Fugitive Firefly

Running away with the last bit of hope

I got a feeling..

...that this week will be a great, great week. Three reasons why:

1) A much overdue visit with Barely Balanced.


2) Joseph Gordon-Levitt will be speaking at my school.

3) Scott Westerfeld, one of my favorite authors, will also be making an appearance at my university for book signings, autographs, photos, etc.

If you don't see any more posts from me, it's because I died from overexposure of pure awesomeness :)

Operation Wolf Hunt-- Success!

Remember when I wrote of Taylor Lautner being in my town and how determined I was to see him before school started? Well the goal was accomplished, just not the way that I had originally planned. Due to recurring chaos at the sets, it became extremely difficult to find the heartthrob. Circumstances demanded a new plan of action-- I became an extra.

Being an extra for this movie was such a great experience! The crew was incredibly nice and treated us well; the stunt doubles mingled with us; and I got paid for staring at Gorgeous ;) If only all jobs were that easy!

Unfortunately, I am under oath and cannot tell you more than what IMDB says. BUT I can confirm that Taylor is gorgeous in person and that he is not a dirt bag or diva. What a relief, too!

Great buy on binders-- just in time for school!

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Wordless Wednesday- Off the beaten path


Friends of inspiration and motivation

A friend of mine had a rather productive three days where she put on a live show, wrote a song, finished writing a novel, and learned how to hypnotize a chicken. Her sister must have been equally busy for she just finished writing a symphony.

And this is pretty much what they do year round.

Performing in a band and managing their own website just isn't enough for these two for they always have another project (or three) on top of that. Although I have known them for a few years now, I still can't figure out how they do it. What I do know is that I admire them and all that they do. In times past, they've made me reevaluate my life and realize that I wasn't living up to my dreams.

I had done well to change that, or so I had thought. Learning of their recent accomplishments made me look back over my summer vacation.  In the last three months I did little GRE prep, gained three fanclub members of my store, and watched most of the World Cup and X Games. Being someone who is usually active, it shouldn't be a surprise that I'm disgusted with my summer. I've done absolutely nothing and I hate it. There's only four weeks left of break and the lazy days must end now. Thanks girls for giving me a much needed kick in the pants...again!

Beware of the teenyboppers

Those little devils have made Operation Wolf Hunt extremely difficult.
Source: taylorlautner.org
You see, Taylor Lautner, the werewolf from the Twilight Saga, is filming a new movie near my town. While I’m not a big fan of the 18-year old, I thought it would be fun to try to meet him. Little did I know what I was getting myself into.

The number of pre-/young teens in his fan base is unimaginably high; and while a handful know how to behave, most do not. Running into the street, pestering the security guards, and chanting his name are just the mild stuff. Recently girls have camped out overnight in front of the base camp, screamed at any car that might have Taylor inside, and followed one of his cars. And yet they complain when he doesn’t make an appearance to sign their posters.

Patience is a virtue, and until they learn that it won’t be worth my time to drive out to another set. While Taylor does seem to enjoy the attention, he is not going to step outside if that attention poses a threat to his safety. And, well, who would? Unless they tighten security or the girls grow up, it looks as though my summer goal to get one photo of the guy will go unaccomplished. Now, if I may have one moment of immaturity…

That’s not fair!!
Seriously, why do the bad kids always have to ruin it for everyone else?

Reentry into the blogosphere

I am so sorry for neglecting you. It wasn't intentional, it's just that the family held me captive much longer than anticipated. You have missed a lot of excitement, too. Like a 14-year old boy hitting on me, me stalking Taylor Lautner, and...that's it. Maybe I'll write more about these guys later, but that's not a promise. Whenever I promise to write something, something comes up and it pulls me away from my beloved computer. I've missed a lot in my time away, including an award from the lovely Miss Liv. (Thanks so much!!) If you haven't checked out her blog, you must do so. Right now. Because her blog really does have substance :)

Now I have to describe my blog in five words and pass this award on to 10 other bloggers. So I would say that my blog is themeless, sarcastic, sometimes antagonistic, and mine. Ten other blogs that have substance are:

Rachel Cotterill
Friend Sloane
Mr. Monkey
Rhiannon Nicole
Design It Chic

Congrats to you all!

The first week

My trip to Ireland kicked off with an adventure. Due to massive miscommunication with my abroad program, I flew into Dublin instead of Shannon...with no idea how to get to Galway. Thankfully I met a nice Irish couple who made sure I got on the right bus. After five hours of staring out the window, being nervous about missing my stop, I had finally arrived.

An employee at the bus station armed me with a map and directions to my new home. She said I could take a cab, but since it was "only a 20 minute walk" I declined. I walk longer distances all the time back home, I thought to myself. Surely I can handle this.

But I was wrong.

You see, a map is really only helpful if there are roadsigns to match. And roadsigns in Ireland are few and far between. So, my 20 minute walk turned into 2 hours. Some locals tried to help, but when you've been awake for 30+ hours, not even the best of directions are helpful. In the end, I called a cab.

The next day my roommates and I explored more of the city. We went to Eyre Square, Shop St, the beach, and our host university-- Ollscoil na hÉireann, Gaillimh (National University of Ireland, Galway). Beautiful campus, I might add. During that week I learned a great deal about W.B. Yeats and Lady Gregory, and visited the beautiful homes they kept. OK, so Yeats lived in a tower that would flood during the winter, but I'd totally live there during the summer ;)

My first week abroad was pretty hectic, but things did not slow down from there. More tales soon to come!

Bloggerstock: The story of what is on your desk

In the spirit of Bloggerstock, today's guest blogger is Rie. Read on to learn more about her and her take on this month's topic.

Here it is; my initial dalliance into the fun that is "Bloggerstock." An exercise in creating a blog-ring in which each entry included is written on the same topic. This month's topic is: "The Story of what is on your Desk." While I'm posting here, my blog is playing host to an entry from Katie of "Special Snowflakes." Without further ado, onward and upward...

Since I've been using whatever coffee house, cafe, library, or restaurant offers free WiFi for the past year, the "story of what's on my desk" is more accurately the "story of what I've done without a desk."

Just over a year ago, I was a full time graduate student with two part time jobs in two different cities; unsurprisingly, I was also feeling more than a little burned out. I was spending most of my time at my desk in the shared graduate assistant office--a desk that was covered in piles of things I needed to do, an Indiana Jones Mr. Potato Head, some lego creations, the random textbook, my laptop, and a few dozen doodles. Luckily, my time as a graduate student was rapidly approaching its end, and I was already dreaming of backpacking around Australia for a year....without a desk.

I debated for a good 5 minutes as to whether or not I was even going to take my laptop with me because I was worried I'd be annoyed at having to lug it around and anxious that it was safe from my hostel roomies. In the end, I figured I'd rather have it an be annoyed and anxious than not have it and want it, and I think I made the right decision. It's easy enough to find free WiFi now that I probably saved a good amount of money that would have otherwise been spent in internet cafes using their computers; plus, my laptop is pretty light, and even though you're sleeping with strangers in a hostel dorm, you ended up forming a tenuous trusting relationship.

Anyway...like I've previously mentioned, since I didn't travel with a desk, I ended up using whatever was convenient. McDonald's was the easiest, and they have tasty drink called the "Fruit Fizz" that I find delicious. It wasn't uncommon to find me sipping a Fruit Fizz while catching up with my loved ones back home via email anywhere from Sydney to Perth. On the off-chance I couldn't find a McDonald's, I dropped in on wherever else offered free internet. This meant that at any given moment I could be "working" at a small cafe table, a bar, or my lap while sitting on one of those coffeehouse sofas. That said, this wasn't a frequent or regular occurrence, and I loved it. Unlike the previous 2 years spent glued to my computer (and desk), I was finally able to be mostly "unplugged." Did I mention that I was cell phone free as well? It was sort of amazing.

I've just returned home from my wire-free year, and while I'm loving being home, as I keep filling out job applications and planning thesis meetings, I find myself dreading my return to the desk. What's wrong with only sending out the odd email or typing up a blog entry from my lap on a bus? Nothing is the answer, but sadly enough, I'm not sure if it can be my life. While I don't know what I want out of life, or what I want to do with my life, I think for now my life must involve a desk. Hopefully, a desk covered in things that make me happy and remind me of fun.
Big thanks to Rie for writing a lovely post for my blog. If you want to know the story of what's on my desk, head on over to Kris's blog.

On this day...

On this day three years ago, I was a little freshman attending orientation. While I didn't know what college would have in store, I was excited. After spending 18 years in the same city, it was time for a change. New city, new people, new climate, new everything. Images of a healthy social life and academic success filled my head as I toured the campus. My campus. Now swarms of new students shuffle loudly through the commons room as I sit there trying to prepare for the GRE. A small sigh lets out, but not out of aggravation. Not entirely. The sigh is from the longing to be them again, just for one day. One day of not having to worry about the GRE, grad school, and everything else that comes with post-college life. Lucky freshies.

On this day two years ago...nothing happened. I just didn't want to jump from three years to one.

On this day last year, I arrived in Ireland. It was a country that I'd always dreamed of visiting, and the five weeks I spent there was nothing short of amazing. Now I could tell you about the free U2 concert, pink sheep, and flirting with death, but I have a better idea. Since this blog was rather neglected while abroad, I'll be posting my Ireland adventures at about the same time as they happened last year. Excited? I thought so. Tomorrow, the journey begins.

Feel Good Friday

I know it has been a long while since I've done one of these posts, but I have been keeping up! Just, you know, writing them in my own journal instead. This week however, was so great that I just had to share it.

I tried to write it out as a list, but somehow a list doesn't do it justice. Basically, I received a lot of love this week. And a lot of new attention. The good kind, I promise. I should have taken the guy's kickball invite. He had an accent...and was pretty hot. But the weather was hot, too, so I declined. Still, the five minute conversation was enough to make my day and was the cherry on top of an awesome week.

What were the great things that happened to you this week?

Gifts for Father's Day

Father's Day is rapidly approaching. Don't have a gift yet? Don't fret. Just head on over to my other blog for a list of designers and artists who have wonderful, high-quality gifts for your dad. Gifts are often customizable and ready to ship in 24 hours. How great is that? So go ahead, do some online shopping.

Natural Tranquility

It's disheartening to spend your time reverencing nature and watching the Earth suffocating under tons of concrete while nobody seems to care. - Scott Cunningham





Eleven positions, ninety minutes, minimum protection

Of course I'm talking about soccer ;)

The sport has been a big part of my life. I played for twelve years, eight of those being in a league. So of course the FIFA World Cup, which started today, is kind of a big deal. You know how numerous American families are during the Superbowl? That's mine during the World Cup. We sport our favorite jerseys, gather in the living room, and shout at the referees and opposing team members.Yeah. We get really into it.

And of course having good-looking men to watch is a bonus.

Yoann Gourcuff: French Midfielder

 David Villa: Spain Forward

Arne Friedrich: German Defender

Of course I will be cheering for the USA team, but honestly they are not my favorite. No offense to anyone, but our men's soccer team is weak. Which I guess is to be expected from a country that really isn't into soccer; compared to the rest of the world, anyway.

So instead, the main team I will be rooting for is Germany. They work well together, executing excellent plays, and show no mercy. I love an aggressive match because, to me, that's how the game should be played. Just mow the opposing player over, don't rely on fancy footwork to break the defense. Will you be watching any of the World Cup? If so, who are you cheering for?

Not goo-goo for Gaga

I don't mind Lady Gaga, really I don't. Sure her videos kinda frighten me, but I will admit that she does have some catchy songs. My problem doesn't lie with Gaga. Not entirely. My problem is with her die-hard fans, aka The Gaga Police. Every time a female artist does something weird, they spam the comment area, exclaiming that she copied Lady Gaga. This is particularly true for Christina's new video, Not Myself Tonight

If you scan through the comments, you will see one of two replies made by a Gaga fan. One is along the lines of "OMG! She is a total copy cat! Why can't she get her own style?!?" The other common reply is "Gaga is Queen of Pop!" I didn't want to say anything to this, but damn it, I have to write it somewhere.

First of all, female artists have been doing weird long before Stefani Germanotta became Lady Gaga, including Christina Aguilera. Secondly, Christina reinvents herself so that no two albums sound the same. Can you say that about Gaga? Nope, didn't think so. Also, I have to say that "copy" is a bit harsh, regardless of who you're speaking of, for few artists actually copy someone else. Instead they pull inspirations from other artists to try to make something that is their own. That's just how pop music works.

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, it takes more than two CDs to be deemed the Queen of Pop. That title still belongs to the one, the only, Madonna. Who, I might add, "inspired" Lady Gaga's newest video/song, Alejandro.

So please, Gaga Police, take your artist off the pedestal already.

You're just yesterday's prize

There was a time when I wanted you, a time that lasted a lot longer than it should have. A time that should have ceased before now.

I must say that it is quite liberating to have you free from my thoughts, to see your name on my news feed and feel nothing. Not anger, not happiness, not love or hate. Just, nothing. As much as I would have liked another chapter in our book, the tale ends here. That’s the way you wanted it, so that is the way it will be. Maybe someday there will be a sequel, one with a better ending, but I am done entertaining that idea.

I do not miss us. Not anymore. My eyes are on the future now.

The mistakes I've made in this life, I can't say why or when. But the thing that's strange is you only live once, I'll never look back again.

Bloggerstock: What is your theme song?

Bloggerstock was formed by a small group of bloggers who connected on 20SB. Participants are given a single topic to write about and post on another's blog. The blogs are linked together, essentially forming a blog-ring of related posts.

About our guest blogger, Ella Unread: "Pedestrian between teen years and adulthood... Terribly random and never afraid of showing the way I feel... Willing to be considered the modern Joseph Conrad one day. Not an easy goal, I must admit."

What is your theme song?

I'd have to go and check my iPod in order to answer that question, but first you should know I am one of those freaks that only have like 300 songs...why, you'd ask, if you have so much space? Well, the fact that I have more space left doesn't mean I want to fill it, you packrats!

I don't have a song. There. I said it.
 I beat around the bush because I really don't have a particular song that would be mine, that, except for a song that was written for me...I guess that would be my theme song, literally. But let's not get into those dark waters...

I like different songs on different days, though I am always listening to the same playlist over and over again, till I can't stand Basket Case anymore, that's how creepy I am.

There is a song, however, that reminds me of a hard time in my life i.e. last year, it was one of the best years of my life, but I needed some musical therapy in order to put up with it. That's when The All American Rejects came to save me. (I am saying this with all the pain I can find, for I am a Blink 182 + Green Day fan and I should stab myself and practice a harakiri as you read this for being such a traitor).

Anyway, this song lifted me up when I truly though I had run out of strength.

It's so cheesy but effective that it reminds me of myself listening to it, walking at night, trying to pretend everything was OK, trying to hold on...I can still feel the Summer heat become Autumn's breeze through my hair...I can still remember the chills of the end of Autumn and packing my belongings...I remember holding on to the small things and I see myself now... I moved along.

Want to know what my theme song is? Check it out at Just The Ashes.

Lessons from an all-nighter

Birds start chirping at 3:30AM. Yup. It's true. Those little son-of-a-guns made the night feel that much longer.

More people are on Facebook between 1:00 and 3:00AM. Really? I mean, really? Well now I feel incredibly lame for always being in bed by one o'clock.

If I were to take a taxi from my place to my aunt's, it would cost about thirty bucks.

The site from which I got the above information also gave me three wrong numbers for taxi cab companies.

Abdominal swelling could be a sign of many things including pregnancy, gallbladder disease, hernia, food allergies, gas, as well as about 500 other possibilities.

There are no 24-hour clinics in this city. If I were an animal, that would be a different story. Three 24-hour animal clinics and none for humans... am I the only one who sees something wrong with this?

Pizza fries are a terrible idea. Though I am not one hundred percent sure, there is a good chance that this is what kept me up all night. Next time I go out for half-price, I'm buying dessert.

I hate to say "I told you so."

Actually, few things are more enjoyable than saying "I told you so" to a wrong individual. This time, however, I'm not too happy that I am right. That my prediction is coming true.

One lazy afternoon a couple years ago, Hannah Montana was on my aunt's TV. I was 19 at the time and wishing that she would stop turning it to Disney Channel every time I walked into the room. But she did (in fact, she still does) and I ended up watching 30 minutes of Miley dragging her friends into trouble as she struggled to maintain her secret identity. At some point during the episode, I had concluded that she would soon ditch the Disneyfied sweet-girl act and for a more mature look. And by "mature" I mean promiscuous. Or, as some would say, Britney-esque.

It seems as though that day has come for Miley. If you haven't seen it yet, here is her new music video.

Sort of says "Eff you, Disney" doesn't it? Welcome, Miley, to the ranks of Britney Spears.  Although... the worse that Britney did at your age was bare her midriff. It took Miss Spears 2-3 years before she reached your maturity level, Miley.

Anyway, what are your thoughts on Miley's new single/video?

This just in: Your children aren't that innocent

That got your attention, didn't it? When I was a young kid, I promised myself that I wouldn't forget what life was like at that age. Now, a 20-something, I had found myself getting into the mindset of "oh, they're just kids! What could they possibly know?"

Well, I hate to break it to ya, but chances are they know a lot. I remember sitting in first grade and the teacher telling us what are spelling words for the week were. One was of them was "six" but a classmate thought she said "sex." Giggles were aplenty, much to the teacher's displeasure. Many of us, myself included, knew what sex was by the age of seven.

Did I mention that this was a private school? I never understood why people are quick to think that these scenarios are unique to public schools. They're definitely not.

How old were you when you had your first crush? I was four and it was the first day of school. While 4-year old boys think girls are gross, girls become less gross by second grade, and by sixth grade both sexes are quite aware of each other. Though my 20-something mind doesn't want to believe it, I do remember that a handful of my classmates had lost their virginity before high school. Don't believe that young adolescents are having sex? You're in denial. Want to completely shelter them from the world so that they don't "grow up too fast?" You're over reacting. First of all, most 12-year olds are not hopping into bed. Obviously. Secondly, being too protective of your child can do more harm than good. But that, my readers, is a blog post for another time.

I don't mean for this to entry to sound harsh, or to offend anyone. I just believe that our idea of "childhood innocence" is slightly off. 

Feel Good Friday number..6?

Awesome things that happened this week:

1. Got a B+ on my physics exam
2. Signed up for Irish 5!
3. I was introduced to Flight of the Conchords. Funny stuff, man. Look 'em up!
4. Classes are officially over-- only three finals left!
5. Sold my books back for a fairly decent price.
6. I am officially a member of Hanson's street team! (That really shouldn't surprise anyone given how much I write about them).

What were the awesomely great things that happened in your week?

Bieber Fever

Have you seen this kid?

If you haven't then you must have been living under a rock for the last couple of months. This kid is everywhere. And I mean everywhere. His baby face is plastered on every magazine cover imaginable and he's landing TV appearances left and right.

And Bieber is is only 16.

Blogger girl say what?

Yeah, I was shocked too. Seeing pictures of him and listening to his songs, I honestly thought that he was hovering around the age of 13. But 16? My memory may not be the greatest but I know for a fact that my male classmates had undergone puberty by this age and had developed their, uh, manly voices. Bieber must be a late bloomer.

But this post isn't meant to bash the kid. I'm not going to mention that there's a website called lesbians who look like Justin Bieber or that I think the dude is overexposed and really isn't that great of singer. Honestly, I feel for the kid. It must stink to hit on sophisticated older women like Chelsea Handler and have nothing come from it. And to have a fan base that consists solely of young girls between the ages of 6 and 12, with not a teenager in sight? That must really blow.

Don't worry Justin. The 16-year old females will be aplenty once you hit puberty. In the meantime, don't disappoint your young fans. They're the reason that you've been a trending topic on Twitter for the last couple of months.

I predict...

that this is going to be a great year for Hanson. Seriously, they are all over the internet right now, particular with this release of their newest video, "Thinking 'Bout Something." It' hasn't even been 45 hours since its release and the video has already received over 250,000 views.

And a blog entry from Perez Hilton.

It makes me incredibly happy to see all the positive remarks from old fans, and from old haters turned fan =) Check it out and see for yourself. (Warning: it's infectious!)

Thinking 'Bout Somethin'

HANSON | MySpace Music Videos

What do you think of the video?

Such a drag

There! Over there! Hurry!

We made a bee line to some of the last empty seats in the room, my friend in the lead and jumping over other empty seats. I must admit, for a girl who isn't very athletic, I was impressed. She snagged the closest three seats available. Sure we would have liked to have been closer to the catwalk, but at least we weren't some of the unfortunate individuals who had to stand. Or sit behind a pole.

Finally, 500+ people had filed in. The doors closed, the lights dimmed, and Taylor Swift entered the stage.

OK, not the real Taylor Swift. It was Dominique impersonating the country artist. She didn't get very far into song before Dylan ran up, chased her off stage, and began playing "F--k the Bullsh--" by 311. Dylan looked like a man. Acted like a man. Even kinda sounded like a man. But this man was, technically, a woman.

Various identities were portrayed that night, proving their point that "gender is an act. It's a verb." In hindsight, that seems rather obvious. Gender is what you associate yourself with, male or female, regardless of the parts you were born with. And of course you're going to act like the gender that you identify with. For most of us, it's easy. Our sex is our gender.

When the two conflict, well...life isn't exactly easy. "What pronoun would you give me?" Dylan asked the audience. Silence. Tricky situation, isn't it?

I tried to put the question to the back of my mind as I watched the other performances. There were several exaggerated outfits, but there were a handful that would make one squint and say "Wait, is that a chick?" I'm not going to lie, some of the guys looked better in dresses than I do! After back handsprings in 3 inch heels, and bagfuls of glitter dumped everywhere, I thought I had seen it all.

Then the show shifted gears.

"Perfect" by Simple Plan came from the speakers as a slide show played in the background. I hadn't been paying too much attention to the pictures till my friend said "aw!" I directed my attention to the slide show, seeing photos of a little girl growing up to be a man. Then it clicked--it was a story of the king being rejected by his father and, ultimately, committing suicide. Seeing my gender queer classmates on stage and having a blast, it's easy to forget that many do lead a difficult life. It's one thing to be rejected by society because of who you are, but rejection by your own parents is something that no one should experience. It's not easy for these guys to be out, but they are. And that, I think, is truly admirable.

Overall, the Rainbow Alliance organized an amazing drag show, maintaining the perfect balance between serious and comedy. Despite the free admission, their two hour show still raised $1400 for the city's AIDS Task Force. If that's not a sign of a job well done, I don't know what is.

Feel Good Friday #5

For those who are new to my blog, every Friday I post a list of the awesome things that happened during the week. This came about because of the terrible mood I was apparently stuck in. The thing about emotions is that they influence your perception of the world. For instance, if you're in a negative mood, you are more apt to notice other negative objects and events. Further more, what you perceive influences your state of mind, prolonging the experience of the emotion. I didn't want to stay in this crummy mood so "Feel Good Friday" was born. It can be hard, to train your perception of the world, but with a bit of work it can be done. Five weeks into my project and I can definitely feel a difference.

Awesomeness from this week:

1) I had no homework. It felt great but incredibly weird at the same time.
2) I passed an exam I didn't even study for.
3) Evening class was canceled.
4) Presentation was postponed till next Thursday.
5) I woke up 30 minutes late and arrived to class 15 minutes early...twice this week.

And the best part was definitely

The 9th Annual Drag Show

Words just cannot describe its greatness. Pictures may be coming soon ;) So followers, old and new, what were the awesome things that happened in your week?

Paralyzed again, the moment's come and gone

Say it. Say it. Say. It!
Nothing. Again. He was right there, not even two feet away. No one else was near, so what the hell was your problem? It shouldn't be so difficult to say "Hey, aren't you in Diane's class?" and yet you choke every time. Every. Time. I hate your cowardice. Haven't you realized that it's getting you nowhere?


Sorry isn't going to make things progress. Sorry will make you nothing more than a familiar face. Is that what you want?

No, of course not. It's just that, the situation wasn't quite right. I mean, he was working. Is that really a good time to strike up a conversation?

Now you're making excuses. There's only four weeks left of the term, and one of them is strictly for finals. You're going to have figure something out real soon.

But I-

Oh for Pete's sake. Woman up!

OK, OK, I will. Next time.

Feel Good Friday (number 4)

"Oh my God, I don't want to be here right now!" I agree with you, Syntax classmate. I don't really want to be here either. "I was up till 1 last night and still didn't get any work done. Rehearsal is every night from 7 til 11. I don't know how I'm going to have time to do anything. And OH MY GOD! This girl next to me in psych. She just reeked of BO and of course just had to sit next to me." Syntax classmate continued talking for another ten minutes. About what though, I'm not really sure. Everything that was coming out of her mouth was just a complaint, like a lot of conversations I overhear. Take a moment and reflect on pieces of conversation you've overheard. Chances are they sound something like this, it being rare to hear "Yeah, I thoroughly enjoyed ____." This is one of the reasons why I started this weekly "feel good" post, so I sound less like some of these people. I was truly ill this week so of course that tainted my view of events as they happened, but thinking back on it, my week really wasn't that bad.

Awesome happenings this week:
1. I've almost completely regained the strength I lost last weekend
2. Four sales were made in the less than 24 hours?!
3. Today's quiz was postponed.
4. I got the go-ahead to graduate in December. Man, that's scary.
5. One of my classes is going to be canceled next week.
6. No Syntax homework this weekend! You have no idea how great that feels.
7. I don't know why but hearing someone say "Ke$ha is Taylor Swift's evil twin" amused me very much.
8. Four days this week have been good hair days. I love this weather!
9. One of my finals was canceled!!
10. I can feel a change a coming. But out of fear of jinxing it, details will not be released just yet ;)

What were the great things that happened in your week?

Man of Steel, Woman of Kleenex

What would happen if two such individuals decided that they wanted to have a baby? It is something that many science fiction enthusiasts have speculated. But something that I never really thought about until we read Larry Niven's article "Man of Steel, Woman of Kleenex." For those unfamiliar, it explores the possibilities of how Superman can impregnate a female human, more specifically, Lois Lane. You can watch a video of it here.

Warning: There is no nudity or swearing in the video, but due to the topic that is discussed and some of the details used, it may not be suitable for young children. You might want your children removed from the room before watching. Viewer discretion is advised. 

Obviously, the two can't get physical because 1) She would be crushed in his arms 2) She'd be ripped from crotch to sternum and 3) Her head would pop off. Niven then discusses the possibilities of artificial insemination, but that too, has an unfortunate ending for fragile Lois. It also suggested that maybe Super Girl could be a surrogate mother, but that would be too inconvenient for her. Larry's conclusion: allow Superman to carry the child.

After the reading, one of my classmates openly admitted to have spent time contemplating a solution. Once conceived, Lois could be placed under a red sunlamp. When exposed to this light, all of the super powers cease to work. Therefore Lois would not have to worry about the baby using its heat vision whilst in the womb, nor would she have to worry about the baby kicking its way out of her stomach.

This proposal annoyed me for two reasons.

First, my classmate was suggesting for Lois to be isolated for nine months, stuck beneath a stupid lamp. Um, excuse me? How about I shove you beneath a lamp, alone, for nine months and see how you like it? Secondly, it fueled a debate amongst the hard-core comic book readers.

My thoughts on the issue:
     - It is absurd to assume that Superman's sperm would have the same powers that he does.
     - Let Superman be the surrogate. When the time comes, you can cut him open with a lightsaber. That should be strong enough to cut through the kryptonian skin.
     - The article was written for entertainment, and to inspire creative thinking. It should not be taken seriously because Kryptonians do not exist. All that we can do is speculate based on what we know about Superman.

So how about we leave Miss Lane alone and let her have a human husband?

Because I write too much...Ten Word Tuesday

He was caught staring, and didn't try to hide it. ;)

The Sunshine Award

I would like to thank Aries for this wonderful award :)

Now, as with any award, there are rules that must followed.
1) Post the logo within your blog or post
2) Pass the award onto 12 fellow bloggers
3) Link the nominees within your post
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My 12 bloggers:

B Sparkly
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Life On Sunshine Street
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Mamma Kerr
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Textual Times
The Snyder 5

Feel Good Friday

It is so easy to get caught up in the things that bring you down, that you don't notice that good things that happen in your life. If there's one thing I've learned in my short life, it's that nothing is ever as bad as it seems. With that said, every Friday I make a list of all good things that happened this week. 

1. The time I spend in the computer lab is officially the best part of Tuesdays.
2. My professor approved my proposal for the final project!
3. Got a B on a midterm!
4. Ran into a classmate who I hadn't seen in months. And he still makes me smile.
5. I got a compliment on one of my outfits.
6. We're finally having spring weather!!

What were the good things in your week?

A bit o' Irish

Wanting to put four semesters of Irish to use, I've compiled a list of useful phrases to use for St. Patrick's Day. Enjoy!

Lá fhéile Pádraig sona duit/daoibh!
La ae-leh Pawdrig shonah ditch/deev.
Happy Saint Patrick's Day to you/you all. 

Pionta Guiness le do thoil.
Pyunta Guinness leh doe hull
A pint of Guniess, please.

Uisce beatha.
Ishka baha

Tabhair póg dom, táim Éireannach.
Too-ir pogue dum,toyme ay-ron-ahk
Kiss me, I'm Irish.


An adventure and a half

I know, I know. I've been slacking on the whole blogging thing lately. But I do have a perfectly good reason! It's called Spring Break.Though I'm wordy enough to write an in-depth entry for the major events of the week, I'll spare the meticulous details and give you the skinny.

Huzzah! This was my tenth consecutive year attending this particular renaissance festival. It's hard to think about how much the faire has changed since then, and though most of the changes have been for the worse I do have good news. For the first time in years I did not get into trouble! That's a great accomplishment on my part.
(Yes there was a dude dressed as a banana. Yes he lost a bet. No, I had nothing to do with it).

But I didn't have my passport! I decided it would be fun to drive down to Miami for a day to visit one of my friends. What she failed to tell me was that I had to take an exit just to stay on the turnpike. Do you know what happens when you miss Exit 4x? The turnpike turns into I-95 and will take further into Miami than you probably want to go. Very few people speak decent English, my Spanish is horrible, and the GPS was telling me to continue on 95. Needless to say that being lost, though only temporarily, was not fun.
(The banana trend is unintentional. I promise).

Road Rage. South Florida has the worst drivers in the nation. Somehow I forget that little fact until I'm driving there. There was one occasion where I'm on a ramp and the guy in front of me is only going 20 mph. I wait for the line of cars to pass me before I switched lanes and tried to pass him. Unfortunately the truck in front of me decides to slow so that I can't pass the other car. And we have to merge soon. I was forced to hit the brakes and get back behind the first slow-poke. But the other night was worse. I'm bebopping along at 50 mph (only 5 above the speed limit, thank you very much) when someone decides to pull out into the middle lane and in front of me. Since there was a car to my left, I tried to swerve right and get around them, but before I could the car behind me had done just that. The car that cut me off still hadn't got up to speed and then it was aligned with the truck and the car that passed me. There was nothing left to do but to slam the brakes. Thankfully no one was behind me otherwise I would have been rear ended into a 3-5 car accident. And P.S. There are always a handful of people who run a light in Miami. Just another tip in case you decide to go there.

Well that's not forensic-y. When my high school puts on a play, you have to go. Not to brag or anything, but we do have one of the best theater programs in the county. (And best newspaper, and magnet program and...ok, now I'm bragging). It wasn't long before I spotted one of my teachers. More specifically my newspaper adviser for three years. If I ever get the bright idea to talk to her again, someone please stop me. She's great at knocking you down. "So what are you studying in school?" Psychology. "Oh really? What do you plan to do with that?" Well right now I'm thinking grad school for forensic psychology. "Oh wow. You wanna work with cops and crazy people?" [blah blah blah. Insert segway]. I did get to go to Ireland this summer. "Oh that's neat! What courses did you take?" Irish Literature & Film, and Irish History. "..What does that have to do with forensics?" Um...nothing. Just getting gen eds out of the way. "Be sure to take a couple education courses so that you'll have something to fall back on." Thanks. Thank you so much. [keep a hint of sarcasm in that last reply. I tried to sound grateful but soon made an excuse to leave].

That, my friends, was my Spring Break. 

Award ceremony!

And I'm not talking about The Oscars. But if you really want me to, I can wear a strapless dress and slouch like Miley Cyrus. (Why hasn't daddy taught her anything about posture??). On second thought, nevermind. It's just easier to wear a tank top and jeans and thank everyone who made this possible, aka Krystal.

"This award means you're really going places, Baby. You'll still be blogging about your great adventures 10 years from now, and I'll still be reading them."

The Rules:
  • Link back to the blogger who sent you this award
  • Post where you would like to be in 10 years
  • Pass it on to 10 other special bloggers!

The question frightens me just as much as it did the first time around. Since I already answered this and said I would be a forensic psychologist with a husband (maybe kids?), I will write where I was ten years ago. In middle school. Wait. Do I really want to go there? Middle school was awful. Dreadful. Horrendous. And the reason why I don't wear shorts, or anything else that shows my legs, in public. A tip for all the mothers with a young one: be prepared for middle school. Peer opinion is, perhaps, most influential at this stage. What classmates think of you is disgustingly important and can have a significant negative impact on one's self-esteem. Just . . . be there for your kids. I wish I could articulate the horrors of middle school more efficiently but I hope that my word is enough.

Wow, that got depressing quick, didn't it? Onto a more cheerful subject, here are the ten special bloggers I chose :)

1) B Sparkly
2) Life on Sunshine Street 
3) Mamma Kerr
4) Mass Hole Mommy
5) Riding the Roller Coaster 
6) Sarah's Blog of Fun
7) The Good, The Bad, And The Gotta Have 
8) The Husailey Bunch
9) The Snyder 5 
10) Xmas Dolly

More than MMMBop

I logged onto Facebook one afternoon (as I so frequently do) and a small smile spread across my face when I saw that there was a notification. Hmm, who commented on what? I wondered. I clicked on the little red speech bubble to discover that my old neighbor had "commented on my activity."

Just a couple hours earlier that day, I had RSVPed to Hanson's release of Shout It Out!, a reservation I (purposely) made known to all my Facebook friends. "Now why would you go and admit something like that?" my neighbor said. "Didn't your mother teach you any better?"

Let me tell you, being a Hanson fan is not easy. We have to endure not only teasings directed at us, but also smart remarks made about our beloved band. The whole "you mean those chicks are dudes?" joke is so old. And then the hater often proceeds to make gay jokes and how they are one hit wonders. Right. The three brothers have wives and children now, not to mention they've had more successful singles than the unoriginal Jonas Brothers. Despite all of this, I have remained loyal to this band for the last thirteen years. Nor am I alone. Hanson's fan base is well into the hundred thousands, probably even into the millions once you count the closet fans.

But what is there to be ashamed of? Never once did a swear word appear in the lyrics. Not once was there a song about sex, drugs, or alcohol. Strip these guys of their instruments, leave them only their voices, and they can still wow an audience. Live. And they've been doing this since they were kids. How many pop artists do you know who can or has done that? Unfortunately, there's not a whole lot. This is why us Fansons work so hard to promote these guys. They have such amazing music ability and it's about time that Hanson is known for something other than "MMMBop."

Call me optimistic, but I think that might just happen with this new CD that's to be released in June. Check out the video I found. It's a clip of their rehearsal for their upcoming music video "Thinkin' About Something."

What do you think of it? If you're about to make fun of me for liking Hanson, stop right there. I have a challenge for you: listen to some of their newer tunes. Great Divide, Hey, Penny and Me, and Blue Sky are good places to start. If, and only if, you can honestly say you don't like any of it, THEN you may make fun of me. Just please, keep your comments to yourself if you're strictly judging them on MMMBop.

I can feel a change a-coming.

Personal Soundtrack T-shirt

Have you ever wished that you could have dramatic music play whenever you enter a room? Or perhaps play the Jeopardy song when waiting for someone to answer you? Admit it, it would be pretty darn cool if we could coordinate music with our life like Koothrappali does here.

You may be thinking "Yeah, but that's TV. Not to mention it's The Big Bang Theory-- Raj probably just made the shirt himself." That, my friend, is where you're wrong. This exact shirt does exist! Thanks to the geniuses at ThinkGeek you too can add background music to your life for only $30! I'm seriously thinking about buying the shirt (as well as a couple other goodies from that site). In my humble opinion, it's quite worth it. What are your thoughts on the shirt?

Write 10 words. No more, no less.

I'm going to pursue this. Hopefully regrets won't come later.

Feel Good Friday

I'll admit, this was a pretty crummy week. All the more reason to write another Feel Good Friday post, right? This week's awesome happenings...

1. The death traps, aka gigantic icicles, finally melted!
2. My friends and I made plans to see a potentially awesome play this weekend.
3. Lunch date with a friend who I hadn't seen in forever.
4. The wonderful people on hnet loved my idea to have "Shout it out" promotion day on Hanson Day. (We're a special breed of fanatics. More to come later. Maybe).
5. The deadline for a homework assignment was extended! Thank goodness. X' theory is awful.
6. As mentioned in Ten Word Tuesday,  I ran into an ultra-attractive classmate ;)
7. Bounce rate of my webstore decreased by 10%!
8. I got a partner for my psych project
9. The weekend is officially here!

What were the great things that happened to you this week?

I find hope in your hate for me.
"Great Divide" 

Nerd Level: 5

I never denied being a nerd, but until recently I would have said my nerdiness was mild.

I like video games. OK, so I like the older video games like Pac Man, Mortal Kombat, Spyro, and Pokemon.
Math jokes are always enjoyable.
Physics or Engineering were once appealing majors.
Monty Python and the Holy Grail is hysterical.
And I work at renaissance faires, for goodness sakes.

I've never watched Star Wars
I've never been a Trekkie
Rocky Horror Picture Show is one of my least favorite movies. 
And I can't fix most computer problems. 

See? Mild. But my nerdiness has increased exponentially, and Python is partly to blame.

Intro to Computer Programming gave me a new appreciation for computers. They're a lot more fun when you have some understanding of how they work. So much that I've decided I'm going to take what I learned from last term and apply to a project for this term. For my Science Fiction class, I will be building a "Choose your own adventure" program. And there will be GUI involved. Bear in mind that I've never used GUI before and so, will be teaching myself as I'm building this program and writing the story.

But don't crack your nerd jokes yet! There's still more! I'm currently in the process of making an RSS feed for my entire webstore, a data feed that will be uploaded onto a wonderful search engine that will hopefully bring me more business. With that said, I'm slowing learning HTML. While I can't design an amazing blog (yet) I can make a spiffy button. Go ahead, click it. I dare you.


(I promise to make a separate blog for the store. But until then, you'll have to endure my shameless plugging).

Now, here's the horrifying thought. For the first time in my life, I'm considering watching Star Wars and Star Trek. Yeah...my Sci Fi classmates might be rubbing off on me. I'm not sure if I really want to complete the nerd transformation just yet...

Ten Word Tuesday

The best part about today was seeing my sexy attractive classmate.

Newest award

Mucho thanks to Misadventures of Mom of 3 for giving me this award! If you haven't checked out her blog, you need to do so. Right now.

Now that I've accepted this award I must:
- link back to the blogger who gave me the award
- write about where I would like to be in 10 years
- pass it along to 10 bloggers

Ten years from now...oh boy. Do I really have to do this? Seriously, just thinking a couple weeks ahead makes me nervous. Ugh, ok, here it goes. In ten years I will be completely done with school, have an actual career and will probably be married. And I will be the next Patrick Jane or Emily Prentiss. They make psychology bad-ass super cool.

I have chosen, in no particular order...
1. Rachel's Ramblings
2. The Snyder 5
3. Blackberry Jam Cafe
4. Providence
5. Mural Maker & More
6. Confessions of a Fitness Instructor
7. Just Thinkin'
8. La Fin DuMond Farm
9. EmcogNEATO
10. Life on Sunshine Street

Looking forward to what you all have to write! Have a happy Monday.

Holy Potatoes Batman!

So many records have been broken, and I'm not talking about the Winter Olympics.

1) I have officially written more this year than in all of 2009.
2) My list of followers reached a number that I never thought I would see.
3) This Friday Follow brought more new followers than the last two weeks combined! Go ahead and give yourself a pat on the back for making this possible :)

Of course a big thanks also goes to Midday Escapades, One 2 Try, and Hearts Make Families for hosting such a great event. It's going to take me a little while, but I honestly can't wait to read everyone's blogs. I will (hopefully) be blogging more regularly--about two to three posts a week--and already have a few treats planned for you. In other words: keep your eyes peeled. Looking forward to hearing from you and reading your blog!

Hope you have a fantastic week!

Feel Good Friday

Life is too short to focus on the negative events in our lives. Instead of dwelling on the fight with a friend, the rude bus driver, and yesterday's embarrassing scenario, think about all the good things that happened this week. You might even surprise yourself, finding that the last few days weren't as horrid as they had seemed. The awesome happenings this week were:

1) I got an A on my Physics exam
2) I had dinner with a good friend of mine
3) None of my professors will have a "make up" class on a Saturday.
4) I accidentally got on the wrong bus and still got close to home
5) My first attempt at making an rss feed was a sucess
6) Hanson finally announced the release date of their new album!

In the world of emoticon, I am colon uppercase d.

What were the awesome happenings in your week?

Ten Word Tuesday

Please read the asterisk at the bottom to learn more.

* Every Tuesday I will use 10 words, no more or less, to sum up the day. I'm not sure how successful I will be, but I never turn down a good challenge (especially when the challenge is my idea, lol).

The price of chapstick

I sat there, staring blankly at the wall. What am I forgetting? I looked around and bit my lip. The feel of cracked skin was the reminder-- Chapstick! I swung my backpack over my shoulder and walked out. Snow was falling lightly, adding to the two feet that had already accumulated. So the weatherman was right. Again. How much longer is his winning streak gonna last?

The closest drug store was about three blocks away, but that wasn’t my destination. That drug store is crap; it has a bunch of low prices for stuff I don’t need and doesn’t carry the items I do need. Therefore my destination was the good drug store, the one that was just a couple more blocks away. Or so I thought.

The weather had discouraged many pedestrians but there were still a few out with a mission-- hot food, fuel, medicine, chapstick…
My steps quickened as the building came into view, and then slowed again when I saw that it was the wrong store. I stood there for a moment, contemplating my next plan of action, the cold weather encouraging me to turn around and grab lunch. But then I felt the broken skin on my lip. I kept on. Besides, it can’t be that much farther. 

The sidewalk’s condition worsened with each block and the buildings became more sparse. My foot slid as it stepped on pure ice. Good news, the good drugstore was at the end of the block. Bad news, the entire sidewalk was covered in ice. I kept on.

My steps were slow, measured, carefully maneuvering around other pedestrians. It was the longest block of my life but at long last, I was inside the store, browsing the aisles. It took me forever to find the brand I wanted--Why the heck is it next to nasal allergy medicine?--but the vanilla-flavored lip balm was worth it.

Price of chapstick = $3.96 + 9 blocks in the snow, 1 of which was pure ice.

Having a snow story to tell your grandkids = priceless.

“Well when I was your age, I had to walk nine 10 blocks in the snow just get to chapstick! On unsalted sidewalks, mind you.”

Yup. I am totally telling that story when I'm old.

The Snowpocalypse continues

I guess Old Man Winter heard my challenge because, according to the radio, we are to get another snow storm on Monday. Super fantastic.

My university is notorious for remaining open despite ridiculous conditions. In the last 30-ish years, the school had only closed thrice, twice because the mayor made them and once because political leaders from all over the world were coming. Even when it did close due to snow (aka, when the mayor told him to), it was only for a day. Never three days like last week. Man did I love those three days. Confined to my apartment, listening to music, watching the icicles grow, and not doing homework. Yup, I was the definition of "bum." Unfortunately my bum days came to an end Thursday, when the school finally opened. 

The news of classes resuming was bittersweet. I was happy to have an excuse to leave the building but I knew my trip to campus wouldn't be pleasant. The city is notorious for not clearing the roads and sidewalks. I caught a bus at an earlier time, anticipating difficulties and, well, I was right. It took 45 minutes to go two miles. Chancellor, if you're going to insist on having class can't you at least make sure the roads are clear? Or maybe even salt campus sidewalks? Please and thank you.

Ah, but his craziness doesn't end there. He wants us to go to school on two Saturdays to make up for the lost days...two Saturdays that aren't for at least another month. I'm crossing my fingers and hoping that my professors are against Saturday school as much as their students. In other words, for once I'm hoping that the chancellor won't close the school again.

But if individual professors cancel a class, hey, I won't complain.

One final thing to mention. I've made memorabilia for this Snowpocalypse: Posters, buttons, and bumper stickers. Let me know what you think? More (non-blizzard related) products to come soon.

I've been beautified?


A big thanks to La Fin DuMond Farm for the nomination! (Amazing blog, by the way. You should check it out!)

I'm new to this but apparently the rules are as follows:

1. Thank the person(s) that nominated you; link to the person that gave you the award!
2. Pass this award on to 15 bloggers you’ve discovered and think are fantastic.
3. Contact said Blogs; let them know they've won!

4. State seven things about yourself

My must-read blogs are:
1. One2Try 
2. Textual Times 
3. On Tour With ShaeLaurel 
4. Midday Escapades 
5. The Moody Mix 
6. Simply Stacie
7. Oh, hey Kristina 
8. Westerblog 
9. TPN Photo 
10. TPN Media 

I know, I know. I fail epically at posting 15 blogs. But again, I'm sorta new to this. I mean, it wasn't until very recently that the blogs-I-follow list surpassed three. I promise to do better next time, if there's a next time. 

 Seven Amber facts:
1. I will never, ever, understand the rules of football. Many different people have explained it to me in many different ways, but I'm just football stupid. 

2. I was once convinced that I was going to marry Zac Hanson, but that dream is gone now. Not so much because I grew up, but mostly because he's off limits now. Sigh...That Kate is one lucky chick.

3. With that said, I absolutely love Hanson! Fanson since '97 and darn proud of it!

4. Do not come between me and a slice of pepperoni pizza. You will get hurt.

5. My favorite ice cream? Vanilla with a scoop of gummy bears thrown in. Delicious, I tell you!

6. I will listen to any band at least once before I form an opinion. My opinion of the Jonas Brothers? They're like Hannah Montana-- a product that needs to be sold. Nothing more.

7. It's not often that I use the word "hate" but I hate linguistics with the passion of a hundred burning Florida suns. Sorry professor, I really don't care about a language spoken by 200 people in the Pacific, regardless of their rich morpheme system and their odd syntactic structure. It's just not something I can get excited about.

Homework status: Done! Wait, there's an exam tomorrow? Shit

You're a traitor to the Florida race

Snow Day #3 is quickly coming to an end. With over a foot of snow on the ground, ice-covered roads, and temperatures barely making it to the double digits, it's like Old Man Winter is saying "Take that, Floridian! Go back to the Sunshine State where you came from!"

"Bring it, old man!" is what I say. "I have yet to fall on you're slippery roads. Your snow makes even the ugliest of neighborhoods pretty. And I happen to like the cold!"

Florida Girl say what?

I'm not lying- I really do like cold temperatures. There's just something invigorating about it and I will take this snowy weather over the heat and humidity any day. After living in Florida for 18 years I can tell you this much: it is much easier to warm up than it is to cool down. 

I never really understood the Florida appeal. I mean, the weather sucks for 11 months of the year, the summer being the worse. Not only are temps and humidity high, but it rains just about every day. In fact, I can even tell you when in the day it is going to rain-- between 2:00 and 7:00 PM.

Then there's whole lack of seasonal changes. You know, the leaves changing, the snow showers, the brisk Spring air. There are essentially two seasons in Florida: hot and less hot.

So why do my classmates think me odd for leaving the sunbelt? The way I see it, they have been the lucky ones.


Homework status: Almost done!

Hello Snow Day, Goodbye Productivity

I made a promise to myself last night, in those last few moments before I drifted off to sleep. I would be productive today. I would wake up before 11:00 and be on campus by 1:00. And on campus I would remain until I got some work done.

That promise was broken about ten minutes after I woke up.

I looked out the window to find that, for once, the weatherman was right in his prediction: we got about ten inches of snow last night. Ten inches! I've never seen that much; not in the city, anyway. Still I checked the bus schedule only to find that none of the buses are running today. In other words: No trip to school for Amberlynn.

Of course, I got nothing done today. The reasoning behind last night's promise was so that I could do my work without being surrounded by distractions. I mean really, do you know how hard it is to read a chapter on Syntactic Theory when access to youtube, Facebook, and various forums lay at your fingertips? It's darn near impossible. Therefore a trip to school was necessary.

Now only a few hours of the day remain and still there is a pile of homework mocking me. Call me crazy, but I honestly think it grew in the hour I was outside enjoying the snow.

Oh my goodness! How could I have forgotten? I took pictures while out. Whew! Now I can't say that I did absolutely nothing today :) Enjoy the pics.


Novel Accidents

Every November, for the last four Novembers, I have participated in National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo). And in the weeks leading up to the challenge, I work hard to plan out my novel, constantly adding to and readjusting my outline. Every year I say to my characters "You are not going to hijack my plot. You're going to do as I say and you're going to like. Do I make myself clear?"

And every year my characters hijack the plot. Those little rebellious beings are just so confident that they have a better idea for my storyline. Before I thought it was a female thing, that somehow, the character's sex influences their rebellious-ness. This time around my MC was male and, well, here is a non-exhaustive list of the little surprises that came while writing Bounded.

1. Sir Bushy Tail, Gift of Gab. Also known as my talking squirrel with a sarcastic sense of humor. I love this character, really I do, but for awhile he made my sci-fi story look more like fantasy. Not to worry, though. I found a way to keep him and still keep the sci-fi.

2. The Sanders kicked my MC out of their home. How dare they do that to their own son! Now how is he supposed to find out that you’re cyborgs instead of humans?

3. Speaking of fake humans, that’s what his American Literature teacher ended up being. And here I thought it was just Mr. Johnson, the Advanced Engineering teacher.

4. Detention. I didn’t think that would need to exist in this city, but apparently it does.

5. The introduction of Caleb and Ike. Resulted from number four.

6. Sam, the main character, no longer talks like a guy. I read his dialogue and, to me, it sounds so much like a girl. And it sounds like he has a crush on Caleb. Then again, I can’t blame Sam. Caleb, after all, looks like a cross between Steven Straight and Taylor Lautner ;)

Of course, most of these accidents worked out for the better, but for once I would like to have complete control over my characters. Is that too much to ask?

"Each day's a gift and not a given right."

I am rather disgusted with myself. I didn't get myself out of bed until nearly 1pm yesterday. I remember waking up at about 9 and then kept drifting in and out of sleep. And then, when I finally got up, I spent a good two hours on the internet.

Once upon a time, my internet usage would be in small spurts- 15 minutes or so just to check and reply to e-mail. But then I discovered Facebook and Youtube. While the former is a common time waster, I'm not addicted to the site. The latter, on the other hand, effectively kills all intentions of productivity. By the time I forced myself to do something school related, it was after 6:00!

I repeat- I am rather disgusted with myself.

Seriously, what am I doing with my life? And what are you doing with yours? Let's face it, a good amount of our population is addicted to the internet. To those who aren't, how do you do it?. The ones who are truly admirable, though, are the ones who put their internet time into good use. Exhibit 1: Paul Carroll.

This 18-year old is co-founder of a non-profit group, The Literary Den. They had spent some time talking about promoting literacy but, finally, started their campaign earlier this year. Besides blogging and vlogging, his group is putting together an anthology, collecting pieces from writers in the UK, Ireland, and the US. Here's some proof if you don't believe me: http://paulcarrollwriter.blogspot.com/2009/10/need-magazine-help.html

Next we have Michael DiMartino, Exhibit 2. He is a 25-year old New Yorker who has some of the best ASL music videos. The enormous amount of attention that his videos have received have only further motivated him to achieve his goal- bring mainstream music to the deaf and hard of hearing. Right now he is recording his own music and making videos to go along with them. I highly recommend that you check him out at http://www.youtube.com/user/MichaelDiMartino

And last but not least, we have Stephen Torrence, a 21-year old Texan who is also a signer. He started out by just wanting to share his passion for ASL and, like Michael, his videos have received a lot of attention. Now the guy is starting to book performances. But that's not all! Someone from America's Got Talent contacted him, asking if he would be willing to audition! I guess it's to be expected when your signing is this good http://www.youtube.com/user/CaptainValor Oh, and did I mention that he's a blogger, too? I'm starting to think it's necessary in order to be successful. http://www.badphilosophy.com/blog/

So what have I accomplished lately? Um, well, I've written first drafts of novels...oh! And a couple of screenplays, too. I've dabbled with media editing, though my skills are quite mediocre. Computer programming, though interesting, is not my forte. So um, yeah. With that said, I have created a list. A Big, Fun, Scary list of what I would like to accomplish in the next year.

- WriDaNoJu, Write a Damn Novel in June
- 3-Day Novel Contest
- finish editing Bounded and Love Thy Sister, Love Thy Home.
- don't die from the "Scary" goals

- NaNoWriMo (duh)
- My own channel of ASL videos...or just some cause that's important to me

- TEG for Irish
- Find a literary agent
- research in the Psych department
- take the GRE
- graduate early??

That's my list at the moment. If you're like me and spend too much time doing absolutely nothing, then I encourage you to join me. Make your own BFS list and work hard to achieve it. Now, it's time for me to unplug the Ethernet cable and get back to work.