Fugitive Firefly

Running away with the last bit of hope

I got a feeling..

...that this week will be a great, great week. Three reasons why:

1) A much overdue visit with Barely Balanced.


2) Joseph Gordon-Levitt will be speaking at my school.

3) Scott Westerfeld, one of my favorite authors, will also be making an appearance at my university for book signings, autographs, photos, etc.

If you don't see any more posts from me, it's because I died from overexposure of pure awesomeness :)

Operation Wolf Hunt-- Success!

Remember when I wrote of Taylor Lautner being in my town and how determined I was to see him before school started? Well the goal was accomplished, just not the way that I had originally planned. Due to recurring chaos at the sets, it became extremely difficult to find the heartthrob. Circumstances demanded a new plan of action-- I became an extra.

Being an extra for this movie was such a great experience! The crew was incredibly nice and treated us well; the stunt doubles mingled with us; and I got paid for staring at Gorgeous ;) If only all jobs were that easy!

Unfortunately, I am under oath and cannot tell you more than what IMDB says. BUT I can confirm that Taylor is gorgeous in person and that he is not a dirt bag or diva. What a relief, too!