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Running away with the last bit of hope

Beware of the teenyboppers

Those little devils have made Operation Wolf Hunt extremely difficult.
Source: taylorlautner.org
You see, Taylor Lautner, the werewolf from the Twilight Saga, is filming a new movie near my town. While I’m not a big fan of the 18-year old, I thought it would be fun to try to meet him. Little did I know what I was getting myself into.

The number of pre-/young teens in his fan base is unimaginably high; and while a handful know how to behave, most do not. Running into the street, pestering the security guards, and chanting his name are just the mild stuff. Recently girls have camped out overnight in front of the base camp, screamed at any car that might have Taylor inside, and followed one of his cars. And yet they complain when he doesn’t make an appearance to sign their posters.

Patience is a virtue, and until they learn that it won’t be worth my time to drive out to another set. While Taylor does seem to enjoy the attention, he is not going to step outside if that attention poses a threat to his safety. And, well, who would? Unless they tighten security or the girls grow up, it looks as though my summer goal to get one photo of the guy will go unaccomplished. Now, if I may have one moment of immaturity…

That’s not fair!!
Seriously, why do the bad kids always have to ruin it for everyone else?

Reentry into the blogosphere

I am so sorry for neglecting you. It wasn't intentional, it's just that the family held me captive much longer than anticipated. You have missed a lot of excitement, too. Like a 14-year old boy hitting on me, me stalking Taylor Lautner, and...that's it. Maybe I'll write more about these guys later, but that's not a promise. Whenever I promise to write something, something comes up and it pulls me away from my beloved computer. I've missed a lot in my time away, including an award from the lovely Miss Liv. (Thanks so much!!) If you haven't checked out her blog, you must do so. Right now. Because her blog really does have substance :)

Now I have to describe my blog in five words and pass this award on to 10 other bloggers. So I would say that my blog is themeless, sarcastic, sometimes antagonistic, and mine. Ten other blogs that have substance are:

Rachel Cotterill
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Congrats to you all!

The first week

My trip to Ireland kicked off with an adventure. Due to massive miscommunication with my abroad program, I flew into Dublin instead of Shannon...with no idea how to get to Galway. Thankfully I met a nice Irish couple who made sure I got on the right bus. After five hours of staring out the window, being nervous about missing my stop, I had finally arrived.

An employee at the bus station armed me with a map and directions to my new home. She said I could take a cab, but since it was "only a 20 minute walk" I declined. I walk longer distances all the time back home, I thought to myself. Surely I can handle this.

But I was wrong.

You see, a map is really only helpful if there are roadsigns to match. And roadsigns in Ireland are few and far between. So, my 20 minute walk turned into 2 hours. Some locals tried to help, but when you've been awake for 30+ hours, not even the best of directions are helpful. In the end, I called a cab.

The next day my roommates and I explored more of the city. We went to Eyre Square, Shop St, the beach, and our host university-- Ollscoil na h√Čireann, Gaillimh (National University of Ireland, Galway). Beautiful campus, I might add. During that week I learned a great deal about W.B. Yeats and Lady Gregory, and visited the beautiful homes they kept. OK, so Yeats lived in a tower that would flood during the winter, but I'd totally live there during the summer ;)

My first week abroad was pretty hectic, but things did not slow down from there. More tales soon to come!