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Bloggerstock: The story of what is on your desk

In the spirit of Bloggerstock, today's guest blogger is Rie. Read on to learn more about her and her take on this month's topic.

Here it is; my initial dalliance into the fun that is "Bloggerstock." An exercise in creating a blog-ring in which each entry included is written on the same topic. This month's topic is: "The Story of what is on your Desk." While I'm posting here, my blog is playing host to an entry from Katie of "Special Snowflakes." Without further ado, onward and upward...

Since I've been using whatever coffee house, cafe, library, or restaurant offers free WiFi for the past year, the "story of what's on my desk" is more accurately the "story of what I've done without a desk."

Just over a year ago, I was a full time graduate student with two part time jobs in two different cities; unsurprisingly, I was also feeling more than a little burned out. I was spending most of my time at my desk in the shared graduate assistant office--a desk that was covered in piles of things I needed to do, an Indiana Jones Mr. Potato Head, some lego creations, the random textbook, my laptop, and a few dozen doodles. Luckily, my time as a graduate student was rapidly approaching its end, and I was already dreaming of backpacking around Australia for a year....without a desk.

I debated for a good 5 minutes as to whether or not I was even going to take my laptop with me because I was worried I'd be annoyed at having to lug it around and anxious that it was safe from my hostel roomies. In the end, I figured I'd rather have it an be annoyed and anxious than not have it and want it, and I think I made the right decision. It's easy enough to find free WiFi now that I probably saved a good amount of money that would have otherwise been spent in internet cafes using their computers; plus, my laptop is pretty light, and even though you're sleeping with strangers in a hostel dorm, you ended up forming a tenuous trusting relationship.

Anyway...like I've previously mentioned, since I didn't travel with a desk, I ended up using whatever was convenient. McDonald's was the easiest, and they have tasty drink called the "Fruit Fizz" that I find delicious. It wasn't uncommon to find me sipping a Fruit Fizz while catching up with my loved ones back home via email anywhere from Sydney to Perth. On the off-chance I couldn't find a McDonald's, I dropped in on wherever else offered free internet. This meant that at any given moment I could be "working" at a small cafe table, a bar, or my lap while sitting on one of those coffeehouse sofas. That said, this wasn't a frequent or regular occurrence, and I loved it. Unlike the previous 2 years spent glued to my computer (and desk), I was finally able to be mostly "unplugged." Did I mention that I was cell phone free as well? It was sort of amazing.

I've just returned home from my wire-free year, and while I'm loving being home, as I keep filling out job applications and planning thesis meetings, I find myself dreading my return to the desk. What's wrong with only sending out the odd email or typing up a blog entry from my lap on a bus? Nothing is the answer, but sadly enough, I'm not sure if it can be my life. While I don't know what I want out of life, or what I want to do with my life, I think for now my life must involve a desk. Hopefully, a desk covered in things that make me happy and remind me of fun.
Big thanks to Rie for writing a lovely post for my blog. If you want to know the story of what's on my desk, head on over to Kris's blog.

On this day...

On this day three years ago, I was a little freshman attending orientation. While I didn't know what college would have in store, I was excited. After spending 18 years in the same city, it was time for a change. New city, new people, new climate, new everything. Images of a healthy social life and academic success filled my head as I toured the campus. My campus. Now swarms of new students shuffle loudly through the commons room as I sit there trying to prepare for the GRE. A small sigh lets out, but not out of aggravation. Not entirely. The sigh is from the longing to be them again, just for one day. One day of not having to worry about the GRE, grad school, and everything else that comes with post-college life. Lucky freshies.

On this day two years ago...nothing happened. I just didn't want to jump from three years to one.

On this day last year, I arrived in Ireland. It was a country that I'd always dreamed of visiting, and the five weeks I spent there was nothing short of amazing. Now I could tell you about the free U2 concert, pink sheep, and flirting with death, but I have a better idea. Since this blog was rather neglected while abroad, I'll be posting my Ireland adventures at about the same time as they happened last year. Excited? I thought so. Tomorrow, the journey begins.

Feel Good Friday

I know it has been a long while since I've done one of these posts, but I have been keeping up! Just, you know, writing them in my own journal instead. This week however, was so great that I just had to share it.

I tried to write it out as a list, but somehow a list doesn't do it justice. Basically, I received a lot of love this week. And a lot of new attention. The good kind, I promise. I should have taken the guy's kickball invite. He had an accent...and was pretty hot. But the weather was hot, too, so I declined. Still, the five minute conversation was enough to make my day and was the cherry on top of an awesome week.

What were the great things that happened to you this week?

Gifts for Father's Day

Father's Day is rapidly approaching. Don't have a gift yet? Don't fret. Just head on over to my other blog for a list of designers and artists who have wonderful, high-quality gifts for your dad. Gifts are often customizable and ready to ship in 24 hours. How great is that? So go ahead, do some online shopping.

Natural Tranquility

It's disheartening to spend your time reverencing nature and watching the Earth suffocating under tons of concrete while nobody seems to care. - Scott Cunningham





Eleven positions, ninety minutes, minimum protection

Of course I'm talking about soccer ;)

The sport has been a big part of my life. I played for twelve years, eight of those being in a league. So of course the FIFA World Cup, which started today, is kind of a big deal. You know how numerous American families are during the Superbowl? That's mine during the World Cup. We sport our favorite jerseys, gather in the living room, and shout at the referees and opposing team members.Yeah. We get really into it.

And of course having good-looking men to watch is a bonus.

Yoann Gourcuff: French Midfielder

 David Villa: Spain Forward

Arne Friedrich: German Defender

Of course I will be cheering for the USA team, but honestly they are not my favorite. No offense to anyone, but our men's soccer team is weak. Which I guess is to be expected from a country that really isn't into soccer; compared to the rest of the world, anyway.

So instead, the main team I will be rooting for is Germany. They work well together, executing excellent plays, and show no mercy. I love an aggressive match because, to me, that's how the game should be played. Just mow the opposing player over, don't rely on fancy footwork to break the defense. Will you be watching any of the World Cup? If so, who are you cheering for?

Not goo-goo for Gaga

I don't mind Lady Gaga, really I don't. Sure her videos kinda frighten me, but I will admit that she does have some catchy songs. My problem doesn't lie with Gaga. Not entirely. My problem is with her die-hard fans, aka The Gaga Police. Every time a female artist does something weird, they spam the comment area, exclaiming that she copied Lady Gaga. This is particularly true for Christina's new video, Not Myself Tonight

If you scan through the comments, you will see one of two replies made by a Gaga fan. One is along the lines of "OMG! She is a total copy cat! Why can't she get her own style?!?" The other common reply is "Gaga is Queen of Pop!" I didn't want to say anything to this, but damn it, I have to write it somewhere.

First of all, female artists have been doing weird long before Stefani Germanotta became Lady Gaga, including Christina Aguilera. Secondly, Christina reinvents herself so that no two albums sound the same. Can you say that about Gaga? Nope, didn't think so. Also, I have to say that "copy" is a bit harsh, regardless of who you're speaking of, for few artists actually copy someone else. Instead they pull inspirations from other artists to try to make something that is their own. That's just how pop music works.

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, it takes more than two CDs to be deemed the Queen of Pop. That title still belongs to the one, the only, Madonna. Who, I might add, "inspired" Lady Gaga's newest video/song, Alejandro.

So please, Gaga Police, take your artist off the pedestal already.

You're just yesterday's prize

There was a time when I wanted you, a time that lasted a lot longer than it should have. A time that should have ceased before now.

I must say that it is quite liberating to have you free from my thoughts, to see your name on my news feed and feel nothing. Not anger, not happiness, not love or hate. Just, nothing. As much as I would have liked another chapter in our book, the tale ends here. That’s the way you wanted it, so that is the way it will be. Maybe someday there will be a sequel, one with a better ending, but I am done entertaining that idea.

I do not miss us. Not anymore. My eyes are on the future now.

The mistakes I've made in this life, I can't say why or when. But the thing that's strange is you only live once, I'll never look back again.