Fugitive Firefly

Running away with the last bit of hope

Careful, it's slippy out!

I love my new apartment, really I do. It's in a nice, secured building, the tenants are well-behaved, and campus is about a five minute walk (you know I don't miss driving 34 miles every day in wintry weather). But there is one downfall- no internet.

One would think that we would be able to access the school's wireless network from where we are... but we can't. Well, we can, but the most we can get is two bars of signal. This isn't a story about my lack of internet access, but it did make me risk my life (as well as the life of computer) yesterday.

Given my upper level classes I have more work this semester than ever before. To do said homework, I need the internet. To get the internet I need to bring the laptop with me to campus. Yesterday I found myself a nice little corner and stayed there for about 3-ish hours before my first class began. Afterwards I'm in the class for another hour. Being lost in my own little word of etymology and phonological problems, I never noticed that it was snowing outside. By the time I reentered society, we had a nice white blanket covering the grounds. No big deal, right? Well, that's what I thought as I entered the union.

After eating lunch and spending more time on dreaded homework, it's time to go back to the apartment. Remember the snow blanket mentioned earlier? Well...no one thought to salt the roads or sidewalks. The temperature is somewhere in the teens so naturally one would want to walk quickly to get inside a warm building. And that's exactly what I was trying to do.

But then my foot slipped.

I didn't fall, thankfully, but it reminded me that salt-less sidewalks can be a little slick. Falling would be extremely painful and potentially dangerous when crossing intersections. The concern for my own safety, however, is not what caused me to slow down. It was the 5-pound, fragile laptop that was squished into my bag.

To make this story a little less long...I was an ice block by the time I reached the building. All this for a little bit of internet access.

I blame my professors.