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Running away with the last bit of hope

The double standard

Would you go up to an overweight person and say "you're as big as a house! Seriously, get off the couch every now and then."? No. Didn't think so. Yet you probably wouldn't think twice of saying a negative comment to a petite person. With anorexia at its peak, anyone unusually thin are diagnosed by society as having an eating disorder. To those who don't have the disease, who are naturally thin, still suffer frequent criticisms. It's unfair for them to endure comments like "go eat a sandwich" and "you look like a broomstick." I'm not saying that victims of eating disorders deserve to hear the above statements, I'm saying that these utterances shouldn't be made at all. It's not right to be sensitive about weight when the number exceeds healthy and then push all manners aside when the number is smaller than average. Regardless of size, everyone has emotions that should be taken into consideration.

One small statement made in passing, could have a huge, lasting affect on the individual.