Fugitive Firefly

Running away with the last bit of hope

Operation Wolf Hunt-- Success!

Remember when I wrote of Taylor Lautner being in my town and how determined I was to see him before school started? Well the goal was accomplished, just not the way that I had originally planned. Due to recurring chaos at the sets, it became extremely difficult to find the heartthrob. Circumstances demanded a new plan of action-- I became an extra.

Being an extra for this movie was such a great experience! The crew was incredibly nice and treated us well; the stunt doubles mingled with us; and I got paid for staring at Gorgeous ;) If only all jobs were that easy!

Unfortunately, I am under oath and cannot tell you more than what IMDB says. BUT I can confirm that Taylor is gorgeous in person and that he is not a dirt bag or diva. What a relief, too!


How lucky you are. I wish I was there too. Love his eyes.