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Eleven positions, ninety minutes, minimum protection

Of course I'm talking about soccer ;)

The sport has been a big part of my life. I played for twelve years, eight of those being in a league. So of course the FIFA World Cup, which started today, is kind of a big deal. You know how numerous American families are during the Superbowl? That's mine during the World Cup. We sport our favorite jerseys, gather in the living room, and shout at the referees and opposing team members.Yeah. We get really into it.

And of course having good-looking men to watch is a bonus.

Yoann Gourcuff: French Midfielder

 David Villa: Spain Forward

Arne Friedrich: German Defender

Of course I will be cheering for the USA team, but honestly they are not my favorite. No offense to anyone, but our men's soccer team is weak. Which I guess is to be expected from a country that really isn't into soccer; compared to the rest of the world, anyway.

So instead, the main team I will be rooting for is Germany. They work well together, executing excellent plays, and show no mercy. I love an aggressive match because, to me, that's how the game should be played. Just mow the opposing player over, don't rely on fancy footwork to break the defense. Will you be watching any of the World Cup? If so, who are you cheering for?


I'm kinda new to the whole football craze, mainly because Australia isn't really very soccer-orientated either, but I date an Englishman so I am learning! Obviously I'm supporting Aus, but I don't expect them to do very well so after they are eliminated I'll support Argentina. Mainly just because I love Messi. He is such a play maker, so so talented, and a less selfish player than someone like Ronaldo. I just love watching Messi play!

I'm not too keen on Germany since our embarrassing loss to them (ahem) but they are a very good side, so good luck!! :-)