Fugitive Firefly

Running away with the last bit of hope

On this day...

On this day three years ago, I was a little freshman attending orientation. While I didn't know what college would have in store, I was excited. After spending 18 years in the same city, it was time for a change. New city, new people, new climate, new everything. Images of a healthy social life and academic success filled my head as I toured the campus. My campus. Now swarms of new students shuffle loudly through the commons room as I sit there trying to prepare for the GRE. A small sigh lets out, but not out of aggravation. Not entirely. The sigh is from the longing to be them again, just for one day. One day of not having to worry about the GRE, grad school, and everything else that comes with post-college life. Lucky freshies.

On this day two years ago...nothing happened. I just didn't want to jump from three years to one.

On this day last year, I arrived in Ireland. It was a country that I'd always dreamed of visiting, and the five weeks I spent there was nothing short of amazing. Now I could tell you about the free U2 concert, pink sheep, and flirting with death, but I have a better idea. Since this blog was rather neglected while abroad, I'll be posting my Ireland adventures at about the same time as they happened last year. Excited? I thought so. Tomorrow, the journey begins.


Wow, how time flies and you have completed 3 years of college. Can't wait for stories from Ireland.