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Bieber Fever

Have you seen this kid?

If you haven't then you must have been living under a rock for the last couple of months. This kid is everywhere. And I mean everywhere. His baby face is plastered on every magazine cover imaginable and he's landing TV appearances left and right.

And Bieber is is only 16.

Blogger girl say what?

Yeah, I was shocked too. Seeing pictures of him and listening to his songs, I honestly thought that he was hovering around the age of 13. But 16? My memory may not be the greatest but I know for a fact that my male classmates had undergone puberty by this age and had developed their, uh, manly voices. Bieber must be a late bloomer.

But this post isn't meant to bash the kid. I'm not going to mention that there's a website called lesbians who look like Justin Bieber or that I think the dude is overexposed and really isn't that great of singer. Honestly, I feel for the kid. It must stink to hit on sophisticated older women like Chelsea Handler and have nothing come from it. And to have a fan base that consists solely of young girls between the ages of 6 and 12, with not a teenager in sight? That must really blow.

Don't worry Justin. The 16-year old females will be aplenty once you hit puberty. In the meantime, don't disappoint your young fans. They're the reason that you've been a trending topic on Twitter for the last couple of months.


OMG. That website is the best thing I have ever seen. Ever.


I can't help but to laugh and yet agree with ya on this one! A while back on FB, I was doing their quizzes and one of those were, Who is your celebrity boyfriend, this is the kid I got...Seriously??? I felt like a pedophile for a moment there...UGH!

Thanx for stopping by my blog http://witchiesplace.blogspot.com and I am now following you here and I'll going over to check out your other one too!! HAGD!


Thank you jesus!! I think this kid looks like he is 12 and my best friend who is 25 thinks he is hot. So gross. And he also SOUNDS like a girl!