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This just in: Your children aren't that innocent

That got your attention, didn't it? When I was a young kid, I promised myself that I wouldn't forget what life was like at that age. Now, a 20-something, I had found myself getting into the mindset of "oh, they're just kids! What could they possibly know?"

Well, I hate to break it to ya, but chances are they know a lot. I remember sitting in first grade and the teacher telling us what are spelling words for the week were. One was of them was "six" but a classmate thought she said "sex." Giggles were aplenty, much to the teacher's displeasure. Many of us, myself included, knew what sex was by the age of seven.

Did I mention that this was a private school? I never understood why people are quick to think that these scenarios are unique to public schools. They're definitely not.

How old were you when you had your first crush? I was four and it was the first day of school. While 4-year old boys think girls are gross, girls become less gross by second grade, and by sixth grade both sexes are quite aware of each other. Though my 20-something mind doesn't want to believe it, I do remember that a handful of my classmates had lost their virginity before high school. Don't believe that young adolescents are having sex? You're in denial. Want to completely shelter them from the world so that they don't "grow up too fast?" You're over reacting. First of all, most 12-year olds are not hopping into bed. Obviously. Secondly, being too protective of your child can do more harm than good. But that, my readers, is a blog post for another time.

I don't mean for this to entry to sound harsh, or to offend anyone. I just believe that our idea of "childhood innocence" is slightly off. 


You are so right.. most children know a lot more than we think they do! I wanted to protect my children to the degree that we, as their parents, were the ones who told them the "facts of life". For the most part, this happened so they were better prepared to evaluate the things they heard from their peers.

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Your post is so true too, and I think those "sheltered" kids just end up being worse than those who weren't later on, least in my expereience it seems to be true lol


following from ff. my son is 4 and has a girlfriend. they bring each other gifts, he wants me to buy her roses, and he hugs her goodbye when he leaves sc hool, it starts young! and he does not think girls are gross...lol


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Visiting from FF. And I totally agree with you. My first childhood crush was in grade 2. Shame on me. And I was in a Catholic school to boot. lol. I remember chasing him around the lunchroom and then getting the strap from the nuns.

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Love the post, great perspective, a lot of people might disagree, especially in my group of friends, but I totally agree, sheltering your kids is not the answer, educating them is.

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YOu are definitely right. People are quick to say that and they don't give kids enough credit. They know, they know alot.

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This is such a good subject. I have an 8 year old son that seems to have 'been aware' of girls for a long time now...Ugh! Cute...but 'Ugh'! I also have a 4 year old girl that will 'kick the daylights' out of any boy that pisses her off..so I am not so worried about her..lol.
But, you are right...they do know WAY more than we give them credit for!! Food for thought for sure.
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Yes kids now a days know more then they should and parents should be more aware. I think it is the parents responsibility to educate their children about sex. Could let them know while watching a movie or a t.v drama that things like sex, they should know more about it but should not simply experiment on it at such a tender age. Guess now parents would have to teach them this at a very young age. If we feed their curiosity in a good way, they won't even want to find out more from others, who in return might teach them the wrong thing.


I don't think I knew what sex was when I was seven... I barely knew at fourteen (which was the age I got my first crush). But then, even now, my friends always tell me I'm very innocent!