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Feel Good Friday #5

For those who are new to my blog, every Friday I post a list of the awesome things that happened during the week. This came about because of the terrible mood I was apparently stuck in. The thing about emotions is that they influence your perception of the world. For instance, if you're in a negative mood, you are more apt to notice other negative objects and events. Further more, what you perceive influences your state of mind, prolonging the experience of the emotion. I didn't want to stay in this crummy mood so "Feel Good Friday" was born. It can be hard, to train your perception of the world, but with a bit of work it can be done. Five weeks into my project and I can definitely feel a difference.

Awesomeness from this week:

1) I had no homework. It felt great but incredibly weird at the same time.
2) I passed an exam I didn't even study for.
3) Evening class was canceled.
4) Presentation was postponed till next Thursday.
5) I woke up 30 minutes late and arrived to class 15 minutes early...twice this week.

And the best part was definitely

The 9th Annual Drag Show

Words just cannot describe its greatness. Pictures may be coming soon ;) So followers, old and new, what were the awesome things that happened in your week?


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I'm your newest Friday Follow follower! Numerous good things have happened this week, but they are all little things - tomorrow we are taking our 4yo to an Easter Egg hunt and that will be nice. Anywho, have a great Easter and I look forward to seeing you at http://cakeblast.com


This is a good habit. It is just like trash out all your bad feelings and tune yourself back to happy mode every Friday. I should get my nieces and nephews to do that too.


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It is a great concept and no matter what happensin life there is always something to feel good about.

Next Friday link up your post so others can read about your Feel Good moments!!!

Happy Easter!


I totally understand #5... this morning I decided to completely ignore my alarm and have an extra hour in bed, and it was BLISS. Put me in a sunny mood for the whole day :)


Sounds a good week alright - now following you from friday follow :)