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More than MMMBop

I logged onto Facebook one afternoon (as I so frequently do) and a small smile spread across my face when I saw that there was a notification. Hmm, who commented on what? I wondered. I clicked on the little red speech bubble to discover that my old neighbor had "commented on my activity."

Just a couple hours earlier that day, I had RSVPed to Hanson's release of Shout It Out!, a reservation I (purposely) made known to all my Facebook friends. "Now why would you go and admit something like that?" my neighbor said. "Didn't your mother teach you any better?"

Let me tell you, being a Hanson fan is not easy. We have to endure not only teasings directed at us, but also smart remarks made about our beloved band. The whole "you mean those chicks are dudes?" joke is so old. And then the hater often proceeds to make gay jokes and how they are one hit wonders. Right. The three brothers have wives and children now, not to mention they've had more successful singles than the unoriginal Jonas Brothers. Despite all of this, I have remained loyal to this band for the last thirteen years. Nor am I alone. Hanson's fan base is well into the hundred thousands, probably even into the millions once you count the closet fans.

But what is there to be ashamed of? Never once did a swear word appear in the lyrics. Not once was there a song about sex, drugs, or alcohol. Strip these guys of their instruments, leave them only their voices, and they can still wow an audience. Live. And they've been doing this since they were kids. How many pop artists do you know who can or has done that? Unfortunately, there's not a whole lot. This is why us Fansons work so hard to promote these guys. They have such amazing music ability and it's about time that Hanson is known for something other than "MMMBop."

Call me optimistic, but I think that might just happen with this new CD that's to be released in June. Check out the video I found. It's a clip of their rehearsal for their upcoming music video "Thinkin' About Something."

What do you think of it? If you're about to make fun of me for liking Hanson, stop right there. I have a challenge for you: listen to some of their newer tunes. Great Divide, Hey, Penny and Me, and Blue Sky are good places to start. If, and only if, you can honestly say you don't like any of it, THEN you may make fun of me. Just please, keep your comments to yourself if you're strictly judging them on MMMBop.

I can feel a change a-coming.