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Personal Soundtrack T-shirt

Have you ever wished that you could have dramatic music play whenever you enter a room? Or perhaps play the Jeopardy song when waiting for someone to answer you? Admit it, it would be pretty darn cool if we could coordinate music with our life like Koothrappali does here.

You may be thinking "Yeah, but that's TV. Not to mention it's The Big Bang Theory-- Raj probably just made the shirt himself." That, my friend, is where you're wrong. This exact shirt does exist! Thanks to the geniuses at ThinkGeek you too can add background music to your life for only $30! I'm seriously thinking about buying the shirt (as well as a couple other goodies from that site). In my humble opinion, it's quite worth it. What are your thoughts on the shirt?


I left you a little something over at my blog... :)


I totally love it.
I am Geek, hear me squeak.


That is sooooo funny. I can hardly believe that exists!