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Feel Good Friday

Life is too short to focus on the negative events in our lives. Instead of dwelling on the fight with a friend, the rude bus driver, and yesterday's embarrassing scenario, think about all the good things that happened this week. You might even surprise yourself, finding that the last few days weren't as horrid as they had seemed. The awesome happenings this week were:

1) I got an A on my Physics exam
2) I had dinner with a good friend of mine
3) None of my professors will have a "make up" class on a Saturday.
4) I accidentally got on the wrong bus and still got close to home
5) My first attempt at making an rss feed was a sucess
6) Hanson finally announced the release date of their new album!

In the world of emoticon, I am colon uppercase d.

What were the awesome happenings in your week?


Wow, A in Physics! Good for you!

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Good job. I'm following from Friday Follow.


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Great list :) Its always great to do things like that.

I didn't even know Hanson was still going...

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Hope you have a great weekend


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great job on the Physics, one of my best in college so I know how hard it can be!
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Always better to look at the postive, always!
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Good job on the A! Following from Friday Follow.


WOW I remember seeing Hanson at the Tulsa state fair when mmmbop was a hit...am i dating myself here lol
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That is awesome an A in physics! Wow!

Thank you for reminding us to focus on the good stuff today. I will do just that



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haha, I have accidently rode the wrong bus in college too. I had to ride it back to the bus stop though because it wasn't near my apt!

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That's great. I can't stand Physics. Give me a nice biology class anyday. I'll even take chemistry.

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Congrats on the grade! I certainly never did that well in physics, even though I found it fascinating. Happy follow Friday, I am your newest follower.


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Congratulations on your A!



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I didn't have any exams this week, so that made it GGGGRRRRREAT!


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Congrats on the A!!!