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The Snowpocalypse continues

I guess Old Man Winter heard my challenge because, according to the radio, we are to get another snow storm on Monday. Super fantastic.

My university is notorious for remaining open despite ridiculous conditions. In the last 30-ish years, the school had only closed thrice, twice because the mayor made them and once because political leaders from all over the world were coming. Even when it did close due to snow (aka, when the mayor told him to), it was only for a day. Never three days like last week. Man did I love those three days. Confined to my apartment, listening to music, watching the icicles grow, and not doing homework. Yup, I was the definition of "bum." Unfortunately my bum days came to an end Thursday, when the school finally opened. 

The news of classes resuming was bittersweet. I was happy to have an excuse to leave the building but I knew my trip to campus wouldn't be pleasant. The city is notorious for not clearing the roads and sidewalks. I caught a bus at an earlier time, anticipating difficulties and, well, I was right. It took 45 minutes to go two miles. Chancellor, if you're going to insist on having class can't you at least make sure the roads are clear? Or maybe even salt campus sidewalks? Please and thank you.

Ah, but his craziness doesn't end there. He wants us to go to school on two Saturdays to make up for the lost days...two Saturdays that aren't for at least another month. I'm crossing my fingers and hoping that my professors are against Saturday school as much as their students. In other words, for once I'm hoping that the chancellor won't close the school again.

But if individual professors cancel a class, hey, I won't complain.

One final thing to mention. I've made memorabilia for this Snowpocalypse: Posters, buttons, and bumper stickers. Let me know what you think? More (non-blizzard related) products to come soon.


Love the poster, button, and b-sticker. But we on the West Coast have seen little or no snow this year.


LOL, cut flair. Can you believe we even got snow in FLORIDA? OK, not where I am, but if we even had a little rain it would be. It's freaking cold!


Thank you, thank you.

Really, SquirrelQueen? I thought you guys would have had more snow..

Jessica, I did hear something about snow in Florida. I do know that it snowed in Ft Lauderdale many years ago, so maybe you will get some flurries. You never know!