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Feel Good Friday

I'll admit, this was a pretty crummy week. All the more reason to write another Feel Good Friday post, right? This week's awesome happenings...

1. The death traps, aka gigantic icicles, finally melted!
2. My friends and I made plans to see a potentially awesome play this weekend.
3. Lunch date with a friend who I hadn't seen in forever.
4. The wonderful people on hnet loved my idea to have "Shout it out" promotion day on Hanson Day. (We're a special breed of fanatics. More to come later. Maybe).
5. The deadline for a homework assignment was extended! Thank goodness. X' theory is awful.
6. As mentioned in Ten Word Tuesday,  I ran into an ultra-attractive classmate ;)
7. Bounce rate of my webstore decreased by 10%!
8. I got a partner for my psych project
9. The weekend is officially here!

What were the great things that happened to you this week?

I find hope in your hate for me.
"Great Divide" 


Happy Friday Follow. Guess I've been following you already. There's so many I just don't have the time to get to everyone these days. have a great weekend.


Definitely some good things in the week - I'm sorry you felt it was crummy overall! The weekend is always a lovely place to be :D

PS if we're talking about the same X' theory (syntax) then I love that stuff... I'm odd like that ;)


Good things ..hhhm. I totally B.S.'d my way through a huge, horrible project for school and nobody has said anything .. yet.
It was cookie week at school and I now have some fabulous recipes.
The worst part; Friday Follows sucks when your not all into the whole "I'm a devoted mommy of a toddler and it's MY LIFE! I need nothing but their drool and poopy diapers. I am complete now."
Meh. I have teens. Wait until those kids hit puberty, then it's going to be all "OMG! Why didn't I just have puppies!?! " & "What do you mean they still poop all over me?!"
But by then I'll be a freaking grandma or something .. and I can be all "OMG! I have such a cute toddler grand baby, and they are MY LIFE! The rest of you are just bitter old hags. Get over yourselves. Dirty diapers are my hormonal ambrosia."

OK, not very nice - but sometimes that's how I feel.